Template Installation

Most of the time, you can use our templates by simply double-clicking on their icon from any directory or folder. You may consider installing them in a special location if:

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If manual installation is too complicated, we can create an automated installer for you!

Enabling Macros

Some of our templates contain macro programming to extend the capabilities of the host program. Unfortunately it is possible for a macro language to be exploited for viruses, so macros must be enabled before they can run.

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All of our templates are constructed to be useable if macros are disabled, but you will miss significant productivity enhancements by doing so.

Modifying Word Templates

Templates are designed to be unchanged document sources, but updates are inevitable.

Follow these instructions to make changes that will show on all future documents. Be sure to use the same or earlier version of program as your workers, to avoid formatting or compatibility surprises.

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Too much work or too complicated? We are always available to modify your templates for you.