Workflow Architecture

It's our mission, not just a service we provide. Improving your workflow means giving your workers just the information they need, just when they need it. Best practices combined with appropriate technology means an information flow that makes you money.
We provide solutions using the following:

Web Applications

Where information flows require access to a company-wide database or easy communication via email, web-based solutions will get the job done most efficiently. We can host solutions for you, or help your I.T. staff set them up on your own servers. Services include:

Office Documents

Microsoft Office's ubiquity and capable macro language makes it a clear choice for corporate documents. While presentation templates are the obvious first stop, there are many document types that benefit from Office's flexibility with user-generated content and deep programmability. Our services include:

Acrobat Forms

Corporate communications with the general public can often be designed best with a PDF form. PDFs maintain a constant corporate brand on any platform and Acrobat Reader is one of the most widely distributed software packages in existence. Our services include: