Custom web applications

Web Applications for Intranets

Web applications give all employees direct access to automated design services. We have programmed database-driven apps that include business card and hang-tab designers, custom brochure assemblers and user-customizable surveys. Your art department can now concentrate on creative design rather than repetitive mechanical layout. Brandwares personnel have the balance of art and programming backgrounds that let us distill aesthetic choices into a set of layout rules. These applications can be hosted by us on our servers for a monthly charge, or we can install them on your servers for you to run internally. Call us, we will be glad to send you a link to our demonstration site so you can see first-hand how it works.

Web Sites

Brandwares creates complete web sites for companies and individuals. Using state of the art best practices and open-source software, our philosophy is that simplicity is best. A relatively low-tech site is one that you will be able to administer directly for many years. Plus, we're there with tech support and custom tutorials if your site requires more complex technology. Static HTML sites are great for pages that stay constant, but we can also integrate HTML with Wordpress to add dynamic pages that are updated frequently. You can see an example on this site by visiting our Best Practices page. This is a Wordpress blog embedded in our pages, styled to match the rest of the site. We can even include more than one Wordpress section in a site. This site uses Wordpress for the Shop and Blog sections.

Wordpress Sites

Wordpress isn't just for blogging! It's a great development platform for many sites that feature regularly updated content, like picture galleries. As an example, we have created shopping sites that combine Wordpress product pages with custom PayPal buttons. This low-tech approach allows the business owner to do all their own sales, updates and product changes without requiring a web specialist. We create custom Wordpress themes that give you precisely the look you're after. This is a sample of a typical Wordpress site with one of our custom themes. Here's an example of a static web site created in Wordpress for easy administration.