Office Minus Microsoft

Brandwares staff have been creating innovative office documents since 1990. Back in the day, we crafted templates for WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3 and MacWrite. Today we create productive documents in Apple Pages, Keynote & Numbers, LibreOffice and Google Slides, Docs & Sheets.

As a matter of course, we create documents that are stable, crisp in appearance, compact in file size and predictable in operation. We're up on the details that distinguish these platforms from Microsoft's (No, Keynote does not have the equivalent of PowerPoint's header field. Yes, Pages can create text placeholders like Word).

Google Slides

We've developed production techniques to precisely match your graphic designer's brand guidelines, for maximum visual impact. Then we top that with custom tutorials, in-person or webex training and brilliant free email or telephone technical support.

Our services include:

Apple Pages

Work using the software you prefer. Your company doesn't have to march to the Microsoft beat, and you don't need to suffer inferior templates because of it. Drop us an email at We will help you!